Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shalom Y'all

I finished my Shalom Cardigan last week and I just love it. 

I still need to make matching polymer clay buttons and so far I have only picked out a few colors of clay and will need to mix a few more to match the colors in the yoke.  Then I will play around and come up with a few different button ideas and see what looks best.  I have already worn my cardigan twice and I used one of my polymer clay pins to pin it together at the neck.

The Shalom pattern is written for a bulky weight yarn so I had to do a lot of math to compensate for my worsted weight yarn.  I pulled out my copy of Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman and used her EPS (Elizabeth's Percentage System).  The back of my copy of the pattern is covered in calculations.

Gauge: 4.5 stitches/inch
Bust size : 36 inches
Cast on: 90 stitches
Increase similar to the pattern but after completing three repeats, I was only about 7 inches into the yoke and I needed 9 inches.  I also needed 243 stitches for my final stitch count on the yoke so I did another increase row to get me to that number (I was pretty close at 221).  I changed to the brown yarn and knitted until I had 9 inches for the yoke.
Knit 36, place 44 stitches on waste yarn for arms, knit 74, place 44 stitches on waste yarn, knit 36.  On the next row, cast on 12 stitches under the arm.  I began waist decreases about 2 inches under the arm.  I picked up 56 stitches for each arm.  I only needed to do 3 or 4 decreases as I knitted the elbow length sleeves.
I really enjoyed working with Knit Picks new Chroma yarn and love how the cardigan came out.

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