Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mitered Cross Square

Kay from Mason Dixon Knitting has come up with a new blanket square that I just love - The Mitered Crosses Blanket.  She was influenced by a new quilting book and quickly translated a quilting pattern into a knitting pattern.  The new square combines two of her favorite knits - mitered squares and log cabin knitting.  I too love the mitered square and I'm just now knitting my first log cabin blanket.  I can see how someone could easily become obsessed.  I wanted to try out this new pattern and what better way then to knit up a sample in dishcloth cotton.
I love this pattern.  It's a great simple knit and a great travel knit.  Kay's version is knit in Noro Silk Garden so I will have to add to my collection and will start on a blanket version sometime in the future.

I first started follow the Mason Dixon blog around the time that Kay and Ann were obsessing over mitered squares so I jumped in feet first. 

First of all, I translated the knitted version into a polymer clay cane.  The knitting came next and I knitted up a mitered square scarf with polymer clay buttons.

This is still my favorite scarf and I wear it often.
I made all sorts of things from my mitered square canes.  Above are some of my stitch markers for knitting.

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  1. Hi , I'm a knitter too, surprise, surprise!!! I like your mitered squares and your polymer clay creations...blogging is nice and you can find very interesting people...