Thursday, March 24, 2011

22.5 Degrees

I forgot to mention in my last post about the Mitered Crosses Blanket that Kay Gardiner is donating the proceeds from her pattern to Mercy Corps to go to the relief in Japan.  And she has reported that she has now donated $5,000 from the sale of her pattern!.  So in just a few days, she has sold more then 1000 copies of her pattern.  That's amazing!
I recently finished knitting the 22.5 degree shawl.  I love it.  I used Noro Kureyon Sock yarn and I just love how it gradually changes color.
I just love a good mindless knit and garter stitch is the best for that.  I only had to remember to increase at the center stitch on every third row.  Everything else was smooth sailing.  And the very clever edging really adds to the finished project.

I did have a bit of an accident early on with the project though.
 My husband and I went out to lunch so he drove my car while I sat in the passenger seat and worked on my 22.5 degree shawl.  When we got home, the shawl came out of the car with me but I didn't notice.  A few hours later, I went to pick up my daughter from softball practice after school.  Luckily, I knit at stop lights (why waste any idle time?).  So I reached for my project at the first stop light and realized that my knitting bag had fallen to the floor - and then the light changed.  So at the next light I picked up my bag and noticed that the yarn was caught in the door.  The light changed again.  So I started driving again and began imagining that my precious handknit might be dragging along side my car so I pulled over.  I reached over and opened the door, pulled on the yarn hanging out the door and my shawl plopped into my lap.  It was covered in a fine grit and a bit beaten about the edges - but still on the needles.  If I had not been a stop light knitter, then It would not have been noticed (except by an observant and be-mussed driver or two) until my daughter got in the car 10 miles or so farther.  I took it home and gave it a good bath, needles and all.  There were some fuzzy abraded areas and my stitch marker and Addi lace needles were all scratched up but beyond that it was going to be fine.  I gave it a good trim of the fuzzies, sanded the needles with fine sandpaper and it was practically good as new.

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  1. Sounds scary to me!!!!But you did manage to restore it to its original beauty, or so it seems. i don't knit at traffic lights, i always wondered how people do it... anyhow, it's really a nice shaawl....and I downloaded the mitered crosses, but i can't work on it now. I like it very much : I don't quilt and that would be my equivalent...