Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pi Day

Yesterday was Pi Day - March 14th - 3/14. 

My daughter's 6th grade math class celebrate Pi Day last Friday because they are on spring break this week.  A request for pies was made and we decided to make a fudge pie.  Kate iced the pie and cleverly decided to start the circle of dots coming from the 3.14 to indicate the fact that the numbers just keep going and keep going.

My sons' 4th grade class had a pajama party/read-in all day to celebrate the fact that everyone in the class met their AR (accelerated reading) goal.  We looked through many cook books and decided to make a big cookie using the sugar cookie recipe from Martha Stewart's Cookies book.  We had too much dough for one cookie so we made two.  I wrote "Read" and "AR" on the cookies and Ethan did all of the stars.

And we ate the leftover icing for the next three days!

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