Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mitered Crosses Blanket

I finished my Mitered Crosses Blanket and I just love it!
I started this blanket back in April when Kay Gardiner published the pattern, shortly after the tsunomi in Japan, with all proceeds going to help Japan.  She has now sent more then $17,000 to Mercy Corp.  I used Noro like the pattern called for but instead of Noro Silk Garden, which is an aran weight, I used Noro Silk Garden Sock. 
I started this for myself but soon decided that my mom would love this blanket so this will be her Christmas present.  I also know that I will eventually inherit this blanket back so that made it an easy decision. 

I have also finished a wonderful scarf called Spectrum by Stephen West.  I used one skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock and one skein of Knit Picks Stroll Kettle Dyed Sock yarn.  Short rows create the gentle curve which makes the scarf drape nicely when you wear it.  This scarf will be my sister's Christmas gift.  I'm really impressed that I am getting so many gifts made ahead of time.

I'm working on many more projects which I will show in future posts.  I attend a polymer clay retreat every year  in October at Mammoth Cave, Kenturcky.  I'm working away on the projects that I will be taking to this event.  We are making one inch squares called "inchies" for a swap and I decided to make little mitered crosses like my blanket.  They look great and I will show them to you soon.

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  1. Your mitered crosses blanket is beautiful, but the Spectra is really VERY , VERY interesting. It really looks gorgeous in the colorway you choose, thanks for sharing...