Thursday, August 25, 2011


I finished Gwen last week.   Gwen is the second of the two mystery shawls that I knit from designer She-Knits
I think it turned out really well.  I usually follow the charts on lace knitting but this chart was really big and very complicated with many unusual symbols and would have needed to be printed off and then enlarged to make it readable so, I chose to follow the written instructions as I did with Donna.  This worked out just fine but it made me "follow blindly" rather then "read my knitting" like I would have done with a chart.  So, it was not as enjoyable because of that.  But I do love a mystery and I really enjoyed getting the next clue each week and making sure that I finished each clue before the next clue was up.
The only thing that I would have changed if I had seen the pattern ahead of time, is that I would have chosen a contrasting color for the flower beads.  As it is, the beads show up only when the light hits the silver lining in the beads.  But that's part of the fun of the mystery. 

I am almost finished with my third and final mystery shawl of the summer.  I have just started the bind off of the nearly 500 stitches of the Earth and Sky Westknits Mystery KAL.  I will block it tomorrow and get some good photos.

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