Thursday, January 12, 2012

Catching up

I've gotten really behind on my blogging so I will try to catch up.

The Mammoth Cave Retreat was wonderful and the "inchies" swap was a huge success.  I covered a wooden frame with polymer clay and put one of everyone's inchies on the frame.  Ron Lehocky made hearts for the four corners which made it look great.

Then we had a drawing to give the frame to one lucky attendee.  There was only one frame but everyone got a great set of inchies to take home. 

In the evenings, we played Left, Right, Center which is always a hoot.  We played for big beads the first night. 
And we played for poker chips the second night.
Here are a couple of shots of my work table.  I used the scraps from my Mitered Crosses inchies to make a kaleidoscope cane for a big button to go on a hat that I knitted.
 These two little sculptures were made by Leslie Blackford by special request. 
Leslie gave my children two kittens a few years back and my daughter's cat is black so the cat is for her.  My son requested a dragon so he gets the dragon.  They both play soccer so they have little soccer balls too.  I just love Leslie's work and Leslie is one of my favorite people in the world.
  I traded the Shizuku scarf  with Leslie.  She loves my knitting and I love her polymer clay!
And here is the great polymer clay button that I made.  The hat pattern is Robin's Egg Blue Hat and I knitted it in some super soft Alpaca that I bought from a local alpaca farm.  My niece is wearing one of the two mystery knit a long hats that I knitted recently.
  The pattern is Corella and it is also alpaca.
This is the 2nd mystery knit along hat called Rubbish Mojitos.

I just loved knitting both of them.
We took some pictures of the grandchildren while we were at my mom's for Thanksgiving.  This was her Christmas card picture. 
But this was my favorite picture.  My daughter was a biter when she was a toddler and this is proof that she still has it in her when it comes to having to sit so close to her little brother.

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  1. Everything is beautiful but my uper favourite is the Shizuku scarf. I think you colors are lovely! And the polymer clay, the inchies are amazing....Happy New year!