Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Squares

I've been working away on my log cabin squares.
I decided to continue with the Barn Raising squares too because I really liked them and they are a little more portable then the log cabin squares - 1 skein of yarn vs. 6 skeins of yarn in my knitting bag.  The Barn Raising squares really are addicting.  So much so that I have made twice as many of them then the log cabin squares which I need to finish first.  I have decided that the perfect time to give this to my Mother-in-law is for my husband's birthday on May 5.  After all, he would not be celebrating a birthday if it were not for the labors of his mother! So I really need to start spending more time with those log cabins.

But the Mitered Crosses Blanket gets in the way again. 
Ann (over at Mason Dixon Knitting) has tripped me up with a contest.  They have now sold nearly 2000 copies of their Mitered Crosses Blanket Pattern.  And to encourage more knitters to start their blankets, Ann has put up a wonderful bag of goodies that she actually won from Bliss Yarns which is her local yarn shop.  It is also my local yarn shop so it would be great fun to win!  So I looked through my meager collection of Noro leftovers and found a skein and a half of Noro Silk Garden Sock for the center crosses.  I also had a skein of Knit Picks sock yarn in Bare for the back ground color.  So I have almost finished my first block and it really is a great, fun pattern.  I have uploaded my photo to Ravelry so I am officially entered into the contest. 

My daughter has a softball game after school followed by a soccer practice and then I'm spending the evening attending a Stroke and Turn clinic for the upcoming swim team season.  So that means lots of knitting time!

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  1. Oh, then I have to look forward to my son's sport practice time! we're starting T-ball this May...:):):)
    What beautiful squares, all of them...I downloaded the Mitered Crosses too but I don't want to start it NOW!