Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Blog Post

I have officially joined the blogging world! 

I hope to share many of the creative projects that I am working on and will add tips when I can.  I love being creative.  My first choice for fullfilling that creative need is knitting, closely followed by polymer clay. 

I have been knitting since I was a child but really didn't start knitting on a regular basis until I was in my early 20s and wanted to make nice Christmas and birthday gifts for my family and friends.  When I couldn't find buttons that I like to match my handknits, I began to make buttons from polymer clay.  A few years ago I really got excited about clay and learned all that I could and try as many techniques.  I love making jewelry and buttons especially.  But I came back to knitting because it is so portable.  I usually have at least two or three knitting projects in the car at any one time so that I can knit whenever I have a couple of minutes - soccer practice and games etc.

At the moment I am working on a sweater called Shalom Cardigan.  This has been a very popular pattern on Ravelry but I didn't get sucked in until recently while looking at some of the projects that others have done with the pattern.  I decided to do the yoke with Knit Picks new yarn Chroma and the body with the brown solid Chroma yarn and I also decided to add 3/4 length sleeves.

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